Donations, made by Mr. Petar Mandjoukov and his family

Apart from a renowned businessman, Petar Mandjoukov is also famous for his bright public presence, as a generous patron, sponsor and supporter of causes, of particular significance for the Bulgarians. He has been a consistent champion of the reinforcement of the Bulgarian spirituality, in the areas of religion, education and art. For many years Petar Mandjoukov gas been supporting the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Personally, as well as through the companies that he manages, he has been carrying out extensive charity work to preserve the Orthodox faith, spirituality and values.

Petar Mandjoukov is among the major donors for the construction of the Nativity of Jesus Church in the Mladost District, Sofia. Ha has also taken active and generous part in the restoration of the Alexandar Nevski Cathedral in Sofia, the St. George Rotunda in Sofia, the church of the St. Apostles Peter and Paul Monastery in the Village of Lozen, the Saints Kosma and Damyan Church in the Village of Kuklen, etc.

He was also one of the first donots for the the “Assumption of Mary” Church in Pamporovo, which was built with a nationwide effort, thanks to a popular TV programme. Back then, in the beginning of the 1990-s, Petar Mandjoukov donated a large part of his wealth, in order to launch this project.

Years later, he inspired, initiated and organized the construction of the Eastern – Orthodox church “Holy Transfiguration“ in the Trakia District, Plovdiv.

Petar Mandjoukov joined the noble initiative of the Tsar Boris and Tsaritsa Yoanna Historical Heritage Preservation Fund and made a donation for the restoration and conservation of the New Palace in Vrana.

Petar Mandjoukov and his family support disadvantaged children, as well as sick children, in need of treatment abroad. Theyoffer sponsor the education of students in Bulgaria and abroad.

In the most economically difficult years in Bulgaria, Petar Mandjoukov made donations to a number of municipalities, governmental institutions and facilities, in order to ensure their normal operation and make sure that they can support those, suffering from the consequences of the financial in the period 1995-1998.

The Mandzukov family are among the greatest patrons of some of the most renowned Bulgarian painters, writers and other artists.

Petar Mandjoukov and Smolyan’s mayor Dora Yankova, at the opening of the monument of the great Bulgarian writer Nikolay Haytov, made by writer’s son. The monument was donated to the city by Petar Mandjoukov.

 Petar Mandjoukov is also a serious sponsor of the Bulgarian literature. He has donated over 5000 volumes of Bulgarian and global classics to 56 Bulgarian community centres, he provides financial support to the Nikolay Haytov Theatre in Smolyan, the Secondary Musical School for Folklore Instruments and Singing, Village of Shiroka Laka, the folklore band of the Village of Gela, Smolyan Municipality. His financial support, helped translate Lybomir Levchev’s book “You are next” /”Ти си следващият”/. The issuance of Bozhidar Dimitrov’s books “Bulgarians – the First Europeans” and the “Russian Turkish War of 1878”.

The show of the Theatre World formation, based on Stefan Tsanev’s play “Hell – this is Me” proved successful, thank to Petar Mandjoukov‘s support.

Petar Mandjoukov is among the major sponsors of Plovdiv – the second largest Bulgarian city – providing financial support for the construction of modern children’s playgrounds and a CCTV system, as well as the enhancement of the safety of 98 pedestrian crossings in the Old Town of Plovdiv.

In 2016 г., Petar Mandjoukov donated BGN 400 thousand to the Bulgarian Academy of Science for supporting its activities in the area of Thraceology. As a result of this support,. The BAS managed to compile and issue a unique collection of revolutionary discoveries, regarding the life, beliefs and culture of one of the most mysterious people in the world – the Thracians, who inhabited the Balkan Peninsula in the ages, before Christ.

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