Petar Mandjoukov

was born on 2 June 1942 in Plovdiv, in a working-class family. His childhood coincided with the severe post-war years in Bulgaria, as – due to his father’s work – the family had to move constantly to Gorna Oryahovitsa and back to Plvodiv, until they finally settled in Sopot, the cradle of the Bulgarian machine engineering industry at that time. Petar Mandjoukov’s entire family and professional life has been closely related to this small town in the outskirts of the Balkan Mountain and its plants and factories.

Both his father – a famous foundryman of his time, and his mother worked until the end of their careers at VMZ /Military Machine Engineering Plant/ Sopot. It was in that town that Peter completed both his primary and secondary education. Then Petar became part of the Bulgarian marines and subsequently graduated as an engineer, majoring on Machine Engineering Technology from Machine and Electrical Engineering University of Sofia, and then in 1979 he earned a degree in Foreign Trade from the Higher Economics Institute Karl Marx in Sofia.

Mr. Mandjoukov was among the youngest technologists at the VMZ Sopot, and through the years he was appointed at numerous top management positions in the area of machine engineering, until – at the end of the 1980s – serious principle conflicts with the management of the Bulgarian and Soviet machine engineering discontinued his career in production. During the socialist era in Bulgaria, Petar Mandjoukov occupied a number of positions in foreign trade companies, and his professional career took him, as an engineer and businessman, to a number of countries in Africa, Asia and Europe. At the time of the democratic changes in 1989/90 he was VMZ’s representative in Macedonia. 

The central building and head office of Mandjoukov AD, situated in the prestigious district of Boyana

During the first years of democracy Petar Mandjoukov applied his specialist expertise and his contacts in the area of machine engineering to establish himself as one of the leading European tradesmen of spare parts of machinery and equipment, manufactured in the former Soviet Union and Russia. His impeccable reputation as a tradesman and specialist in machine engineering opened a lot of doors around the world, inaccessible for ordinary tradesmen of specialist products. 

In 1999 he established the company “PM Group” AD as the successor of the companies, established in the period, after 1990. In October 2007 “PM Group“ AD was renamed to “Mandjoukov“ AD. The new name of the company is intended to emphasize the family principle of organization. The company is engaged in various lines of business, including media, machine engineering, trade, construction and development, wine-making and alternative energy sources.

In 2018 the company “PAM Solar“ OOD was renamed to “Mandjoukov“ OOD, with General Managers – Ivaneta Mandjoukova and Petar Mandjoukov. The new Company is the universal successor of “Mandjoukov“ AD and became a parent company. The separate business activities, developed by the Mandjoukov family served as the basis of the individual subsidiaries in Mandjoukov OOD’s holding structure. The control was acquired and exercised through the direct participation of the parent company – Mandjoukov OOD in the operations of the subsidiaries.

Petar Mandjoukov speaks French, English and Russian. He is married and has three sons and one grand-son.

Philanthropy and Community Services

Petar Mandjoukov and the companies he represents, engage in various charities. Some of them include the restoration of the Memorial Temple “St. Alexander Nevski” in Sofia, the St. Georgi Rotunda in Sofia, the “Assumption of Mary“ Church in Pamporovo, as well as the issuance of the books “Bulgarians – the First Europeans“ and the “Russian-Turkish War of 1878“.

Petar Mandjoukov is among the major donors for the construction of the Nativity of Jesus Orthodox Temple in the Mladost District of Sofia and the main sponsor for the construction of the Eastern-Orthodox temple “Holy Transfiguration“ Church in the Trakia District of Plovdiv.

In his home town of Plovdiv, Mr. Mandjoukov has made donations for the construction of a video-surveillance system in the Old Town and for the installation of light signals at the pedestrian crossings; he builds children’s playgrounds in cooperation with the Plovdiv Municipality. Petar Mandjoukov donated BGN 400 thousand to the Bulgarian Academy of Science in support of the research in the area of Thraceology. He is well known as a generous patron of artists and writers, as well as for becoming briefly the owner of the CSKA football team during very difficult times. He has invested heavily in the media, in order to support independence and the development of free speech in democratic Bulgaria. Petar Mandjoukov carries out extensive donation activities. 

Community Services

Petar Mandjoukov is the founder and honorary chairman of the Family Business Association – Bulgaria, member of the Management Board of the Union of Bulgarian Community Centres and the Bulgarian Diplomatic Association and the President of the Bulgarian Seniors Golf Association, he is also a member of the Management Board of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and the Chairman of the Consultative Council at the Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce.


For his merits in supporting Bulgarian culture Petar Mandjoukov has been decorated with the highest order of the Republic of Bulgaria – “Stara Planina” 1st Degree.

Petar Mandjoukov has been awarded the title Archon of the Holy Bishopric of Plovdiv, due to his donations and support of the Holy Eparchial Church of Plovdiv and has been declared Honorary Citizen of Plovdiv, for his exceptional donation merits of intransitive value and immense significance for the development of the city and the municipality.