The family principle and constant innovations supplement the family coat of arms of the Petar Mandjoukovs, which also applies to the business, based on creation with nobility and dignity. These are the foundations of the
Mandjoukov OOD Holding


Business and subsidiaries. Other companies. International projects.


In 1999 Petar Mandjoukov registered the Joint-Stock Company “PM Group“, which is the successor of the companies, he had established in and after 1992. The successful combination of the family and business values, resulted in the change of company’s name to “Mandjoukov“ AD that took place in 2007. The new name is intended to emphasize the clear family organization principle, as well as the fruitful combination of the family traditions with business innovations in the development of a single marketing, manufacturing, financial, investment and commercial policy of the individual companies.

The central building and head office of Mandjoukov Ltd., situated in the prestigious district of Boyana

In 2018 “PAM Solar“ OOD was renamed to “Mandjoukov“ OOD, with General Managers – Ivaneta Mandjoukova  and Petar Mandjoukov. This new parent company is the universal successor of “Mandjoukov“ AD. The individual businesses, developed by the Mandjoukovs constitute the subsidiaries of „Mandjoukov “ OOD.
The control has been acquired and exercised through the direct involvement of the Parent Company “Mandjoukov“ OOD in the operations of the Subsidiaries, which form parts of the holding structure.

The facade of the Premium I Business center, located at one of Bulgaria’s top boulevards, directly leading to the center of the city. Luxurious interior.

 “Mandjoukov”  OOD Holding, operating as a parent company, carries out active operations in the area of real estate, media, machine engineering, trade, “green energy” generation and sale.

In the recent years The Mandjoukovs  have been involved in operations on the real estate market – purchase and sale, renting of offices, apartments. The Company owns the prestigious and luxury buildings Premium I and II Business Centres (with 12 storeys each, situated at a central boulevard in Sofia); a prestigious administrative building in the Boyana District’ luxury apartments for residential and office needs at top locations in Sofia; apartments in Sozopol and numerous parking facilities.

Premium I business center, with Premium II directly behind

 Another part of “Mandjoukov”  OOD Holding’s business is related to the generation of electricity from renewable sources at the three solar power plants, built by the Company – two of which on the lands of the Sbor Village, Pazardhik Region and one – in Sofia (a roof type energy generation facility). The total installed capacity of both plants in the Village of Sbor is 4 979 kWp each, and that of the roof-type facility -– 949 kWp. The plants were constructed, relying on the services of international specialized companies – REC, SUNTECH, SMA, ALTEC. Turning solar power into electricity, the photovoltaic plants use an unlimited resource, contributing to the protection of the environment and the reduction of Bulgaria’s energy dependence on the import of fossil fuels.

 “Mandjoukov“ OOD manages and maintains the constructed photovoltaic power plants, relying on its own team of experienced professionals in this area.

What is the way forward for the progress of the energy sector in the future?

The answer to this question is a priority of the environmental protection, as well – the use of alternative and renewable sources of energy. The reason for that is not just that these resources are inexhaustible, but that they also produce minimum harmful emissions in the air and waste, resulting from their production and use. Cutting edge technologies are used for this purpose and for optimum utilization and reproduction.

The main entrance of the park and solar panels

The power plants in the Village of Sbor, with installed capacity of 10 MWp, is among the top projects in Bulgaria, which have been connected to the electricity distribution grid. The precise location was chosen for the high values of average annual solar radiation in this region – over 1350 kWh/ sq.m..

“Agro Legacy“ EOOD is part of Mandjoukov OOD Holding (100% direct control). It was registered at the end of 2012. Its main business is related to the acquisition of investment agricultural properties for subsequent leasing. At present this company owns a portfolio of land in various regions in North Bulgaria – Vidin Region, Vratsa Region, Lovech Region, Veliko Tarnovo Region, Varna Region, farmed on a rental/lease basis.

“P.M. Finance“ OOD is a Bulgarian company, part of Mandjoukov OOD Holding, operating in the area of car rental insurance brokerage. The company was registered in 2007.

Another part of Mandjoukov  OOD Holding is the subsidiary “Euro Media BG“ EOOD. It is the shareholder an investor in Ad Venture Radio BV (a Dutch company), where it partners with Mr. Karl Habsburg-Lothringen and Mr. Hristo Grozev. The company is the owner of the capital of “Radio Kraina FM” /former Radio Yes/, which broadcasts in 26 cities in Ukraine, as well as online.

Other companies

Other companies, where the Mandzhukovs have direct interest and control, but are not part of  Mandjoukov OOD Holding , include:

“PM PRESS” Publishing House, registered in 2000. It issues the “TV Saga” Newspaper (since 2003), issued on a weekly basis, containing 24 in a circulation of 42 000.

 “M PARK“ AD is developing as a major logistic and industrial centre with a multifunctional retail and office building and industrial storage areas, which are rented.

International projects

Petar Mandjoukov is the majority shareholder in  “Prista Recycling“ AD, and his son Ivaylo Mandjoukov is the CEO. The company participates not only as the investor, but also as the co-contractor, carrying out the overall engineering for the project – Used Oils Processing Plant at Angren, Uzbekistan. Ivaylo Mandjoukov was the manager of the successful construction and commissioning of the plant in Uzbekistan. The project was implemented by the Joint Venture “Uz – Prista Recycling“, registered by a decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It includes “Prista Recycling“ with 51% and “Uzneftproduct“, a subsidiary of “Uzbekneftgaz“, with 49%. High-tech equipment is used for processing the used oils to obtain fresh base oils, which may be used in the traditional oil production.

On 18.05.2016 the Bulgarian Prime Minister – Boyko Borisov and the Uzbek Prime Minister – Shavkat Mirziyoyev, personally opened the plant. The commissioning of the new high-tech plant for used oils processing ensures the mitigation and elimination of the environmental pollution with hazardous waste, and helps reduce unauthorized disposal of used oils in the environment, while providing fresh raw materials for the production of end-product oils.
In Ukraine, City of Nikolaev, the “Prista Recycling“ Group is investing in a small refinery, situated on an area of 1.69 hectares.

Euro Media BG EOOD (part of Mandjoukov OOD Holding), is the shareholder an investor in Ad Venture Radio BV (a Dutch company), where it partners with Mr. Karl Habsburg-Lothringen and Mr. Hristo Grozev. The company is the owner of the capital of “Radio Kraina FM” /former Radio Yes/, which broadcasts in 26 cities in Ukraine, as well as online.