I can’t to respond!

I usually pay no attention to fake news or ill-intentioned publications at my expense. However, after Dnevnik Daily’s latest publication, connecting my name to some dubious business transactions, it suddenly became evident to me that I am not only responsible for my own name, but also for the names of my sons, for the security and comfort of my family, as well as for hundreds and thousands of people, who have trusted me through the years, to work with or for me. And for them, I must speak, when some “journalists” for unknown reasons, make their writing exercises with the name Petar Mandjoukov. My name was simply attached to a story about a Syrian rebel and Serbian combat weapon – a story which may be of interest for those, engaged in the global hybrid war – so that my name would spice-up with the traditional elements of weapon deals, “state security” and other “spicy” elements the otherwise rather modest journalistic meal. Because it is no news that Saudi Arabia train and supply weapons to various sides in the Syrian Conflict. But Mandjoukov selling weapons for millions to Syrian insurgents, is a true news story.

On so, one thing at a time: The said company has sold nothing to Saudi Arabia, but the managers of the company will probably provide more details on that. I have not been involved in the operational management of the company since its establishment in 2001. In general, supplier’s responsibility, concerning a specific delivery to a country, ends with the delivery itself. The contracts are well known, they require the provision of a number of internationally regulated and inspectable documents. Imaging that you are selling cars, for example, and someone holds you responsible for the actions of the person your buyer has resold your cars to?!

Throughout my professional life in this over-regulated business, I have always strictly signed and acted upon contracts, signed with legitimate governmental organizations in legitimate, globally recognized countries. Even during my time at the our pseudo-democratic media’s favourite “chewing-gum” – Kintex. And I should note that there I established and was one of the managers of the engineering directorates, and not a trader. As one of the first private businessmen, I suppose I was the most inspected and audited person by various regulatory Bulgarian and international bodies.

All the transactions, mentioned by the journalists at Dnevnik have never happened and are completely made-up. I sincerely wonder why you are doing that – if you are interested in this business or in my white hair, you could at least try to contact me and ask. I think that the article you have published is obviously a piece of propaganda, and you have decided to add some Bulgarian taste to it, adding my name. You claim to fight against fake news, while producing such articles yourselves? However, let alone the personal aspect!

Let me speak about the common national and state interest – at present, the export of special products from Bulgaria and our neighbours, exceed even the volumes during the communist time. When you write on this subject, please be more careful, because the competition is severe and uses any light-heartedly spoken word, to conquer new business territories. When you so easily write down unverified facts, you also risk the sustenance of many Bulgarians.