The “Petar Mandjoukov“ Foundation – for a rick and spiritual future, based on European values and Bulgarian traditions

The “Petar Mandjoukov“ Foundation was established based on Petar Mandjoukov’s idea and with his own personal funds. According to the explicit will of the donor, the foundation was established entirely in public benefit. The main areas, in which it will operate, will be the support, development and affirmation of the spiritual values in Bulgaria, as a combination of European and national traditions. Foundation’s top priority will be to get the Bulgarian people, back on the track of the Pan-European culture, which it was forced to leave due to its difficult historical destiny.

The Foundation will encourage and develop the successful and sustainable integration of the Bulgarian values and moral in the common European culture, supporting the studying and preservation of the national originality, as part of the common European historical and value heritage. Foundation’s activities will be focused both on the spiritual development of the civil society, as well as on health care, education, science, culture, technics and innovative technologies, following the express will of the donor Petar Mandjoukov to encourage bright national manifestations of the unity of spiritual perfection and engineering innovativeness.


1. Promoting the free and independent culture, supporting, encouraging, funding, helping and organizing creative initiatives in all areas of art, technologies and education, with independent and open nature, presenting or representing liberal works of art;

2. Supporting the dissemination of knowledge, education and information of open and accessible nature, pursuing the aforesaid objectives, through its operations – making donations for the organization of trainings, seminars, workshops, supporting projects and other educational initiatives;

3. Encouraging and supporting civil initiatives of open nature, protecting the accessibility of the general public to culture, art, knowledge, technologies and governance, focusing on the significance of the civil society, establishing thematic museums, organizing events and initiatives of various nature, presenting the Bulgarian historical and cultural heritage;

4. Organizing the establishment, management and supporting a retirement home for artists and people of culture;

5. Supporting the establishment, development and modernization of houses of culture, culture-focused community centres, libraries, web-based knowledge bases with free access and free (open) content;

6. Establishing conditions for the improvement of the educational level of the Bulgarians, through funding projects for the establishment of new cultural and educational centres;

7. Spending the donations for improving the health education of the population, promoting prevention as the most accessible and efficient means to improve the common health status of the Bulgarian population;

8. Supporting various initiatives for establishing proper conditions for maintaining good health culture among the youth and affirming healthy lifestyle habits from early age.