MMA with huge donation from Petar Mandjoukov

The Military Medical Academy has received a very generous donation from businessman Petar Mandjoukov. The announcement comes personally from the head of the healthcare establishment Gen. Ventsislav Mutafchiyski.

He revealed that MMA has obtained several first class rescue vehicles worth BGN 700,000.

„We received 6 amazing first class rescue vehicles, equipped to the last detail. This has been a complicated task, as they were delivered from abroad. We were very surprised but Mr. Mandjoukov managed to arrange everything within a month’s time”, he said. „I’d like to use this occasion to express our deepest gratitude. This is all about our patients. They will be able to benefit from these last generation rescue vehicles. Presently, in emergency medicine the line of actions in the first 10 minutes is essential. So, these ambulances would enable us to provide intensive care right on the spot, if necessary”, added the general. „We are extremely thankful to Mr. Mandjoukov. Other affluent people should take example from his focus on the problems of healthcare and people in general”, concluded Mutafchiyski.

Petar Mandjoukov also had something to say about his donation:

„These are very kind words on the general’s part, but to me the most important thing is setting an example, which will hopefully be followed. I’d like to see the Bulgarian elite, especially those people who benefited from mass privatizations, who acquired large enterprises and businesses and make serious money, turn to the problems of society, as they are indebted to it”, he maintained. „That’s why we make this public; we want to set an example that the others will follow”, added Mandjoukov.

He believes that business people must support the state, because „we can do a lot”. „I went with the best offer that I received for these vehicles. The monetary value is BGN 700,000, that’s just for the ambulances. But I will give 1 million, with the balance going to the fire departments – for special outfits that are biologically protected and fireproof”, stated Mandjoukov in conclusion.