Petar Mandjoukov given the Key to the City by the Mayor of Sopot


The Mayor of Sopot Mr. Deyan Doynov has presented today the symbolic Key to the City to the businessman Petar Mandjoukov. “You are welcome to our town any time, day or night”, asserted the Mayor. The ceremony took place during a formal session of the Municipal Council held out-of-doors, at the newly-built Saraya park in Sopot’s residential quarter of the same name.

With a resolution of the Council as of 12 August Petar Mandjoukov was declared an honorary citizen of Sopot. In March of that year, after the outbreak of the Covid crisis, the businessman donated to Sopot masks and protective gear, and in the following months he co-funded (in a joint effort with the municipality) the building of the new park equipped with a playground, an open air gym, several gazebos and benches. The municipality developed the infrastructure, whereas all the facilities were donated by Mandjoukov.

Petar Mandjoukov has a close connection to Sopot. He was born in Plovdiv, but his parents settled down in Sopot while he was still a child. In the little town he had spent his childhood, completed his primary and secondary education, and also started his career, in the machine engineering giant VMZ. 

At the entrance of the new Saraya park, the businessman was met by the Sopot Mayor Deyan Doynov, the chair of the Municipal Council Nelly Peneva and His Eminence the Plovdiv Metropolitan Bishop Nikolay, in addition to many municipal councillors and citizens.

“Any of my schoolmates present?”, Mandjoukov asked scanning through the crowd. Together with the mayor, Father Nikolay and his other hosts he examined the new assets. “When I was a child, there was nothing like this, we played in the pools of the river and in the pine woods. Somewhere around here, there was a gazebo, like the ones that are set now, our fathers used to gather there”, Mandjoukov recalled, then wished today’s kids a happy childhood.

“What matters most in one’s life are the things you have given, that you’ve done for the others”, said Mandjoukov in an emotional speech at the ceremony.

The Mayor of Sopot gifted Petar Mandjoukov with a handmade gold pin with the initials PM.

The townsfolk and the new honorary citizen of Sopot were also greeted by Metropolitan Bishop Nikolay. “I am here to spread God’s blessing over this town”, His Eminence announced. He emphasized that the deeds of Petar Mandjoukov clearly show that he is a helper of Christ, a good and devout Christian. “I feel overjoyed, honoured and truly blessed to be with you on this day sending up my prayers to God”, concluded Father Nikolay.