Donations, made by Mr. Petar Mandjoukov and his family

Bulgarian Orthodox Church

Christians Association – a donation  for the construction of the Eastern Orthodox temple “The Assumption of Mary ”.  

Trinity Church – Dragalevtsi District. A donation, made for repairing the church roof, including tinsmith services, new drains, pipes etc., as well as overall priming and bronzing of the roof 

A donation for liturgical and theological books for the Trinity Church– Dragalevtsi District 

Iconostasis – artistic decoration at the George – the Rotunda Church – Sofia. 

Board of Chapel Trustees “Forest of the Cross” – Smolyan Sponsorship for the construction of a memorial chapel “Тhe Exaltation of the Cross” in the Korsta Area

Church Board of the Dimitar church – Village of Breste, Cherven Bryag Municipality. A donation for the construction of a church (no amount is indicated, by Norwood Trading).

A donation for the construction of an Orthodox church Nativity of Jesus in the Mladost District, Sofia 

Printing of the luxury book – album “Bachkovo Monastery”, dedicated to the 600th anniversary from the death of St. Patriarch Evtimiy of Tarnovo, 400 years since the restoration of the monastery church The Assumption of Mary and 90 years since the birth of the Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim. 

Financial support for the construction of the Cyril and Methodius Cathedral, Lovech

A donation to the Apostles Peter and Paul Monastery – Village of Lozen 

A donation to the Apostles Peter and Paul Monastery – Village of Lozen

Apostles Peter and Paul Monastery – construction of a heating system 

Protomartyr and Archdean Stephen Church

Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Sofia Seminary St. Ivan Rilski 

Plovdiv Bishopric – for the construction of a chapel in the Village of Kuklen 

Plovdiv Bishopric – for the construction of the Orthodox church Holy Transfiguration – Trakia District 

A donation for covering the needs of the Plovdiv Bishopric

Village of Lozen

A donation to the Plovdiv Bishopric for the painting of murals in the Church Holy Transfiguration – Trakia District, Plovdiv 

In the area of medicine

Petar Mandjoukov is the main sponsor for the construction of a medical centre and for purchasing the equipment and medications for people with disabilities. For his generosity and humanity on 01.2008 he was awarded the well-deserved title “Ambassador of Good Faith of the Mobility of People with Disabilities“ by Jim Ramstad, US Congressman in the Chamber of Representatives. For the significant support of the cause for providing equal opportunities to disabled people, on 06 December 2007 he was also awarded the “Order of Thankfulness for Charity” and was registered in the “Golden European Book of Corporative Donors”, and since 10 December 2007 the Children’s Department of the Psychological Research Centre is named after him.

A donation to the Military Medical Academy for purchasing narcosis devices 

In the area of science and education

Donated to the Bulgarian Academy of Science for supporting its activities in the area of Thraceology 

A donation of books to the library of the University of Library Sciences and Information Technologies 

Donation of books, issued by the Zahari Stoyanov Publishing House to the Western and North-European Eparchy 

A donation for printing the Asen Oshanov’s poems collection – BGN 1750 (personal funds) – 2015.

Higher School of Insurance and Finance – a donation of books – “The Decade in the Shadow of Leaders, Elections, Crises and Wars (100 pcs) and “In the Shadow of the Financial Crisis“ (100 pcs.)

A donation of books for the Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

A donation of sets of books to 60 community centres around Bulgaria


Enhancing the safety, by installing illumination and sound signals at pedestrian crossings in the Plovdiv Municipality and video surveillance (CCTV) system in the Architectural and Historical Reserve Old Plovdiv.

Construction of children’s playgrounds (near the church in the Trakia District and near the Lokomotiv Stadium) in Plovdiv. 

A donation to the Tsar Boris and Tsaritsa Yoanna Historical Heritage Preservation Fund 

he Town Hall of the Village of Sbor to cover the costs for the organization of the annual gathering.

Bulgarian Christmas

Monthly payment of the rent of a family with many children in Ruse – to cover household costs and expenses .

Sponsorship agreement with PFC Slavia

A donation to the Pridunavie Ensemble, Village of Izmail, Odessa Region, for covering the transportation costs for participation in a TV programme. 

A donation to the Alumni Committee of National Military School Vasil Levski for the erection of a monument of Vasil Levski in the park of the Military Academy G. S. Rakovski 


Petar Mandjoukov is champion of supporting the Bulgarian spirituality and throughout his life, on numerous occasions he has made personal contributions to the construction of churches and temples, and since 1991 he has been closely connected to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church and has been sponsoring the construction of numerous churches and temples. He and the companies that he manages carry out extensive charity activities, supporting the Bulgarian spirituality. Petar Mandjoukov is among the major sponsors for the construction of the Nativity of Jesus Orthodox Church in the Mladost District in Sofia. A part of his philanthropic work in support of the Bulgarian orthodoxy is the restoration of the Alexandar Nevski Cathedral in Sofia, the St. George Rotunda in Sofia, the “Assumption of Mary” Church in Pamporovo, the church of the St. Apostles Peter and Paul Monastery in the Village of Lozen, Sofia, the Saints Kosma and Damyan Church in the Village of Kuklen, near Plovdiv. Petar Mandjoukov has initiated, organized and inspired the construction of the Eastern – Orthodox church “Holy Transfiguration“ in the Trakia District, Plovdiv.

Petar Mandjoukov and his family support disadvantaged children, as well as sick children, in need of treatment abroad, sponsors the education of students in Bulgaria and abroad. In the most economically difficult years in Bulgaria, Petar Mandjoukov made and continues to make donations to a number of municipalities, governmental institutions and facilities, and he is also the patron of some of the most renowned Bulgarian artists, writers etc. For his humanity, he has received the honorary award “Humanity“, as well as honorary diplomas by a number of Bulgarian and international governmental institutions and NGOs. Petar Mandjoukov is also among the major sponsors of the Bulgarian literature. He has donated over 5000 volumes of Bulgarian and global classics to 56 Bulgarian community centres, he provides financial support to the Nikolay Haytov Theatre in Smolyan, the Secondary Musical School for Folklore Instruments and Singing, Village of Shiroka Laka, the folklore band of the Village of Gela, Smolyan Municipality. His financial support, helped translate Lybomir Levchev’s book “You are next” /”Ти си следващият”/. The issuance of Bozhidar Dimitrov’s books “Bulgarians – the First Europeans” and the “Russian Turkish War of 1878”, as well as the show of the Theatre World formation, based on Stefan Tsanev’s play “Hell – this is Me” were also significantly supported by Petar Mandjoukov

Petar Mandjoukov joined the noble initiative of the Tsar Boris and Tsaritsa Yoanna Historical Heritage Preservation Fund and made a donation for the restoration and conservation of the New Palace in Vrana.

Petar Mandjoukov is among the major sponsors of Plovdiv – the second largest Bulgarian city – providing financial support for the construction of modern children’s playgrounds and a CCTV system, as well as the enhancement of the safety of 98 pedestrian crossings in the Old Town of Plovdiv.

On 18 March 2016, Mr. Petar Mandjoukov donated BGN 400 thousand to the Bulgarian Academy of Science for supporting its activities in the area of Thraceology. The donation was accepted with gratitude by BAS’s Chairman Acad. Stefan Vodenicharov, who awarded Petar Mandjoukov Chairman’s Honorary Mark, Diploma and a donation certificate.

For his extraordinary merits and contribution to the development of the republic of Bulgaria‘s international relations and for the occasion of his 60th anniversary, Petar Mandjoukov was decorated with the highest order of the Republic of Bulgaria – “Stara Planina” 1st Degree, by Decree No. 228 of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria and by decision of the Council of Ministers.

For his sponsorship contributions of intransitive value and significance for the development of the city and the municipality, by Municipal Council’s Decision No. 431, made, according to Minutes No. 18 of 25.10.2012, Petar Mandjoukov was awarded the title Honorary Citizen of Plovdiv.