Thracian Antiquity

The collection “Thracian Antiquity: Technological and Genetic Studies, History and Intangible Heritage“, dedicated to the largest private donor in Thracology studies – Petar Mandjoukov.

The studies in this collection are grouped in four sections. The first is dominated by those, dedicated to the investigation of metal archaeological findings or moulds for their casting – from the late Bronze age to the Late Antiquity.
The second section is dedicated to the Archaeozoological studies of horse bone remnants from the early bronze age and from the Thracian Antiquity.

The third section includes eight diverse archaeological and historical studies of Thracian culture during the iron age, the late Roman age and the Late Antiquity, as well as of its interaction with the neighbouring regions – Greece and Egypt.

The fourth section reviews the multifaceted Thracian cultural heritage in the Modern Age – language, folklore, material culture, ritual sites and rites, symbolism etc.

The collection ends with an article on certain aspects of the exploration of the now world-famous prehistoric monument Provadia-Solnitsata and its radiocarbon dating.

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Scholars presented the book “Thracian Antiquity: technological and genetic studies, history and intangible heritage“

The Deputy-Chairman of the Bulgarian Academy of Science – Corresponding Member, Prof. Vasil Nikolov, PhD: Let’s restore private donorship in science